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Hi there!

I’m Anna and I love presents!

I love both receiving them and giving them away. It’s so fascinating to explore your presents after the party is over.

I’ve been raised in a big family. The selection of presents has always been an important matter for us.

My mother would spend days looking for a perfect gift for everyone involved. You can’t imagine how many stores we’d had to comb before we’d set off for our trip to the grandma!

For Whom?

There are people who seem to have just about everything. And people who are extremely difficult to satisfy.

Even this type of person would arguably like to receive such an unusual present!


  • It’s special.
  • It’s edible and most certainly tasty (or lekker as we say in Dutch).
  • It can be made taking one’s allergies into account.
  • It wouldn’t be thrown away in its entirety like a regular bouquet once the flowers have withered.
  • You can order it online from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s a perfect accessory for a photo shoot.
  • Every bouquet is unique. It’s simply impossible to make two identical bouquets!
  • You’ll certainly stand out and be remembered afterwards for giving such a creative gift!

The choice is yours!

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